Upcoming Artiste Lokesh Dewan

Lokesh Dewangan was born in an affluent family and spent his early years in a village owned by the family in Raipur(M.P). Located in idyllic surroundings full of large bodies for which the land of Raipur (M.P) is justifiably famous, he had the opportunity to soak in tales and myths of ancient folklore from family elders.

After schooling he persuaded his parents to allow him to study acting.It took considerable amount of pleading to overcome the social prejudice of the day in choosing acting as a profession. There was little scope to make a good living out of it and the family’s standard was high enough to justify their logical opposition.

After completing his studies, he persuaded his family to let him go to continue the acting.The five years he had spent in the acting school at Raipur, with some amount of initial support from his family. He was the first young student to be awarded the best actor. He learned fighting,dancing and horse riding.
Soon, he got two regional films namely Zumki and Ragubeer. After this movies,he did 150 regional albums.He has worked in pratically every art medium and held many albums. His works have been appreciated.He was also felicitated by the local MLA for his contribution to regional films in the field of arts.He has also participated in group shows. He wants to join Bollywood very soon.Really he has capability to do all types of roles in Bollywood. He can also do anti-hero roles. Hope this industry will welcome this regional boy from Raipur (M.P).

Lokesh Dewan can be contacted on 09867149029

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