Extracted from DNA After Hours :

Living Legend Actress Waheeda Rehman : This is a shameful act. I think the people should be more alert and the citizens and the authorities should work in tandem to avoid such events. My daughter was stuck in Colaba last night. She came at six in the morning. The issue is no longer who is behind the attacks and who the people who carried out the attack out; the issue that needs to be addressed is that such things should never happen again.

Film maker Subhash Ghai : I am deeply grieved aain and again and wish our political wisdom more than their political interests. National interests and peace need to be above all our interests.

Film maker Madhur Bhandarkar : I strongly condemn the attack on innocent civilians; it is an act of total cowardice. In this moment of crisis, we should all come together and show this handful of misled youngsters that they cannot keep our city and country down. Jai Hind.

Film maker Mahesh Bhatt : We have entered the heart of darkness. Causing maximum damage by minimum means is what terrorism is. The menace of terrorism is here to stay in this deeply divided world.

Actress Vidya Balan : It’s unbelievable. I’m not even in Mumbai at the moment and I’m feeling so restless and helpless. I guess the only thing we can do at this point is pray that we don’t lose any more of our people.

Film maker Vikram Bhatt : I see the face of Vijay Salaskar’s daughter on the television. I can see my own daughter in her. My heart goes out for the family of the dead police officers. They are our true heroes. I can’t understand how all intelligence agencies failed so miserably…

Actress Shamita Shetty : We need a tight security system. Police needs to be better equipped and better trained for catastrophies like this. Not just people but all political parties have to come together to get over the terror strikes.

Actor R.Madhavan : I am so tired and fed up being a soft target. I want to turn around and bite someone really badly.

TV Actress Prachi Desai : We should not blame the police at any cost. They have been doing whatever they can to protect the people and bring down the rate of casualties. They also have families and they have also been affected. Three of their best cops have died. The way forward is God willing nothing like this will ever happen not only in Mumbai but also in the world.

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