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Sprouts 1

Mumbai: Aakriti Group ‘Sprouts School’ new session begins here today. Excited chatter, beaming smiles and a sea of jubilant faces marked the first day at Sprouts School. There was an air of unrestrained celebrations as children reunited with their teachers who were themselves anxious to welcome their students back.

Sprouts 1 Aakriti Group Sprouts School new session begins with creative activity. Ms Anshul Soni, Director, Aakriti Educare Pvt Ltd says “Every session marks a new beginning. The first day of the school , when the kids are rejuvenated, enthusiastic come to the school with new books in their new uniforms excited to meet new class teacher, thus it becomes a very special day for them. To make it more special, At Sprouts, we have organised a special creative activity for kids and their parents”.

Supriya Singh, Centre Head, Sprouts School along with school teachers greeted everyone to the new session 2014 – 15 and said that the school is paradise and the children are keys to paradise. It is very important to make the children feel special and such moments provide an opportunity to teachers to show what the children mean to them.

Various art and craft activities were conducted. Children as well as parents were enthusiastically involved and enjoyed being the part of Sprouts family. Children were excited to see their new Gym and couldn’t resist jumping and crawling and had lots of fun.

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