Sheena Chohan Praised


sheena chohan in pepermint diva at shanghai international festival

The distinguished jury of the 17th International Shanghai Film Festival, headed by global super star Gong Li (pictured), praised Sheena Chohan’s Best Actress Nominated performance at the Closing Ceremony last night.

Lone Scherfig who won the Best Picture Oscar for her film An Education starring Carey Mulligan was very encouraging and congratulated her acting and Sally Potter who has Directed stars such as Jonny Depp and Tilda Swindon and whose films have won 2 Oscars also congratulated her acting.

Critically acclaimed Japanese Director Iwai Shunji said he loved Ant Story and thought Sheena’s performance in the film was wonderful. Payman Maadi, the Iranian Director and Actor who acted in the Oscar winning A Separation said he thought Sheena gave one of the best performances of the Festival.

Sheena competed for Best Actress against Hollywood stars such as Kierra Knightley and Kate Beckinsale. She walked the red carpet at the Closing Ceremony with stars such as Oscar Winning Natalie Portman, Jean Claude Van Dam and Jim Sturgess.

The Film Ant Story is directed by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki

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