Modern Trends in Architecture for Residential Buildings

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Gaurav K. Shah - Head Marketing & Sales, Ravi Group

Gaurav K. Shah – Head Marketing & Sales, Ravi Group


As the construction industry claws its way back from one of the most severe contractions in decades, designers are looking to reinvigorate and redefine the field with innovative architectural stylings that will give a new generation of buildings a lean, intelligent identity. Moreover, the architecture in realty industry more than ever needs an influx of inspired, innovative architectural designs that will work towards making an impact of environmental care, energy conservation, and improved resource management. With these and other emerging trends leading the way, the next few years in the residential real estate sector will be greener and more imaginative than ever.

The forthcoming years will foresee advent of new technology and architecture adapted by developers for residential development as they are now getting aware of the importance of having a dynamic structure characterized mostly with glass facades, ornamentation and modular designs.

Informed by a green sensibility and a renewed commitment to versatile utility, the following design trends are building momentum, and will reshape the beautification of the city and the environment in long run.

Modular Design
Prefabrication is making a strong comeback in both residential and commercial properties, as the benefits of greener and faster production techniques become more attractive to firms looking to cut building and operating costs. With modular construction, units can be stacked and arranged into aesthetically pleasing, functional designs that convey an eco-conscious mentality. Clean lines, aluminum paneling and energy-efficient glass give modular buildings a contemporary elegance that will soon populate downtown corridors the world over.

Mumbai has witnessed a potential demand for glass and with the modern architecture it will bring in a diverse revolution to the Mumbai’s skyline. Combining technological advantages with glass, designers have plunged forward to experiment with its various facets. Glass has no replacement and with safety features added to it, the future definitely rests with it. The demand for glass will be bouncing back in double digits in residential realty.

Glass facades will be preferred by residential structures as besides getting in natural daylight it can make an apartment look larger and also open up extra floor space. Being recyclable in nature, durable, noise control, resistance to corrosion, low maintenance, acoustical comforts (with double glazed glass facades), will definitely be significant in balancing the environment and making it biodegradable. Today, the architecture trends have been moving more towards higher transparency & low reflection, neutral looking glasses.

One new trend in residential architecture is to significantly reduce the impact of congestion, through intelligent structural engineering and environmentally friendly design. Today’s realty industry appears to be entering another era of change, with a view towards minimizing a different kind of footprint: the energy, carbon, and environmental footprint of residential buildings. Once again, change is being driven by a need to optimize and conserve resources — this time, clean air, water, and energy as well as land. And, once again, transformative technologies may hold the key to meeting the challenges. Energy efficiency trends is the focus of today’s building sector. Today the factors like improvements in technologies, practices in lighting fixtures, windows, insulation, as well as whole-building design and construction are focal points in architecture. Residential buildings are designed keeping in mind the penetration of maximize sunlight, with raised living spaces to allow for open parks and pedestrian space below. These open areas are harnessed for rainwater harvesting and solar energy production.
Lighting techniques to illuminate the facade of the building

All of us agree that when we evaluate a building for its overall appeal, the exterior facade takes the first place. The exterior aesthetics has gained more importance than the interior functionality. The building has to be made look good. The new trend adapted at the Era Vuelta project is converting flat glass to shapes that allows ‘free form’ surfaces with geometric complexity and the possibility” of integrating other elements like, LED’s, into conventional flat glass which gives a long lasting impression in minds of people and thereby creates the project as a symbol .

A Habitat that offers complete privacy with Implied Windows
As our world’s largest cities continue to grow and densify, architects are coming up with creative ways to block out the daily hustle and bustle and ensure privacy for residents with adequate light any time of the day. The new trend is of window-like voids in exterior surfaces which are created by horizontal beams resting on corner pillars, denotes an exterior porch or terrace.

The next big trend to give the residential buildings a pristine new look is Ornamentation. All the changes and want for external beauty of the structure has made Architecture commercial graphic art of decoration. The designing system has undergone a diverse change and creates the total design along with functional and aesthetic aspects of the interior as well as the exterior of the residential buildings.

The Up-and-coming designs that are shaping the realty sector will truly add a completely new meaning in giving the building a modern exterior look with elegant interiors also ensuring complete ecological balance.

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