Bharat Bhagya Vidhata – The Architects of India’s Destiny

Shashi Vyas Pancham Nishad Creative

Compassionately entertaining with education: Shashi Vyas of Pancham Nishad Creative

Shashi Vyas; Maker of Pancham Nishad Creatives Pvt. Ltd has conceptualized & produced ‘Bharat Bhagya Vidhata – The Architects of India’s Destiny’ to be aired on DD National on the 2nd of October

Music connoisseur & Maker of the prestigious Pancham Nishad Creatives Pvt. Ltd; Shashi Vyas has conceptualized & produced his maiden documentary film ‘Bharat Bhagya Vidhata – The Architects of India’s Destiny’

The film, “Bharat Bhagya Vidhata – The Architects of India’s Destiny”, is a journey undertaken by 3 city youngsters to rediscover roots, values and traditions that were the very foundation of this nation. After meeting various citizens of India (The real architects), these youngsters are empowered to judge and decide traditions and philosophical approach that needs to be carried forward in the 21st century.

The Film cast includes Anshul Ramnani, Juby Devasia, and Vaibhav Wali & will be aired on DD National on the 2nd of October.

Enough is said and written about India’s problems, the horrific decline of values, desensitization of people, loss of heritage etc. Though true, the noise of negativity has made many of us forget the strong backbone of this country that still exists. A backbone provided by amazing Indians comprising the common folk of this land. They come from different walks of life and financial strata, yet amidst the same challenges we all face, work tirelessly, with integrity, to make a difference within the sphere. They do this because they understand the power and responsibility of being a citizen of India.

Through their journey the three city youngsters meet many such citizens of India. They also experience the real India outside of the surreal lives we live in metros, which will enable them to judge for themselves as to which traditions and philosophical to carry forward in the 21st century and which to let go.

Shashi Vyas hopes, “We hope that a similar journey of rediscovery for every viewer, a journey that connects them with the roots of India. We hope that each viewer ultimately awakens to the simple truth, that we the people of India are the ‘Architects of India’s Destiny’

Pancham Nishad Creatives Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 1996 with an objective to showcase the rich heritage of a musical talent of India for the music lovers spread across the globe. This film is a unique initiative spearheaded by the director Shashi Vyas to give a certain message to the society.

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