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Gaurang Doshi signs Neha Gandhi as Fashion Stylist for 3 films

Neha Gandhi has been signed by the prestigious Gaurang Doshi Productions for 3 of their upcoming movies, viz. Happy Anniversary, Aankhein 2 & Indians in Danger.  The films are directed by renowned Bollywood directors like Aneez Bazmi, Abbas Mastan and Prahlad Kakkar with the top star cast.

Neha Gandhi is the curator behind the blog Love Playing Dressup, which encompasses fashion, lifestyle and home decor. Currently residing in Boston, Neha is originally from Mumbai and offers real-life insight into her personal style, domestic discoveries and constant yearning to travel the world. She works with brands across the globe and was recently featured in the Boston Globe. “I had too much energy and too many thoughts waiting to be channeled and have always had this drive to connect with people – so one day I just decided to start the blog”. “I want people to believe that how you present yourself to the world plays a big role in your self-confidence and one doesn’t have to a lot of money or the size zero body to be stylish or feel pretty” she says!

Blogging is no longer considered just an outlet for creativity but a business platform where bloggers are influencers in their area of interest. With the rise of social media and digital marketing, brands are connecting with bloggers to reach their targeted audience. One quick glance at the blog and you will see that Neha incorporates both trendy and timeless pieces in her lifestyle. Whether it’s visiting the opera or cooking at home , her mantra is pretty simple – play dressup. “Playing Dressup doesn’t mean being dolled up with pretty clothes and makeup at all times – but adding little touches of glamour in whatever you do. It makes you feel happy inside and positive and turns out to be more productive at what you are doing. “

She lives in Boston with her husband, Amit, who does the photography for the blog. He has also built some of the trendy furniture pieces for their home and that alone makes them the perfect team with their love for style and creativity. As much as they love visiting exotic locations and luxurious destinations – their backpacking tales are hilarious nonetheless.




We sat down with Neha to get her take on a few things –

News Global Syndicate : What is your fashion advice to the busy working women in Indian?

Neha Gandhi : To dress for comfort. With the busy lifestyle, hectic commute and hot weather – it is important to keep looking fresh and the end of the day and even more – feeling good about yourself. Don’t kill yourself with trends and brands – but stick to timeless pieces. Cotton is a forever in style.

NSG : How does your growing up in India influence your style today?

Neha : For starters – I am very conservative when it comes to dressing up. My mom comments on the slightest show of skin (even today! & I am married for years! – haha) and I truly actually appreciate that. Keeps me rooted to the values I was raised with.

NSG : What has been the most exciting moment in your blogging career so far?

Neha : I don’t want to reveal too much too soon – but I was recently approached by a movie house for some fashion consulting. We are still figuring things out and I dont know the details – but I feel immensely blessed to be getting a chance to do what I love.

NSG : You have been very vocal about your struggle with body image. What advice would you give to girls today vying for the size zero body.

Neha : I would ask them if I could join the club! Haha – and I would get in, become their friend and slowly brainwash them into stop obsessing about having a flat stomach but instead on having a healthier lifestyle. It’s more important to work with your body, dress accordingly to it and not against it.

Neha can be found on and you can stalk her on social media.


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