Wonderful Indonesia … Much more than Bali


Located in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is an archipelago of approximately 17,508 tropical islands, about 6,000 inhabited and spread across the equator. Rich in both cultural and natural diversity the destination is equipped with all that would satiate your desires. The country is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and is the world’s 16th largest country in terms of land area.


Its capital Jakarta is on Java and is the nation’s largest city. Indonesia is as varied as it is unique, from the Hindu-Buddhist monuments of Borobudur to the famous Komodo Dragons, countless virgin beaches and natural wonders grace an archipelago filled with mystique and beauty yet to be explored. Indonesia being world’s largest archipelago has a varied range to offer.

Indonesian Government’s focus on promoting and preserving its rich and diverse cultural heritage is truly remarkable, specially in view of its being an Islamic country. Besides, they are also working hard on restoring heritage sites, temples and monuments, most of which were damaged by natural calamities like volcanoes and earthquakes.

The USP of Indonesia is the unique experience of culture, heritage, culinary, shopping, adventure, cruise and spa in a single trip. Multiple activities can be considered like golfing, river rafting, cycling, trekking, snorkelling, local food tours, cultural village tours etc.

Indonesia is a land of many magnificent Hindu temples and must be surely explored on your trip to Indonesia. You can visit temples like Borobudur, Prambanan, etc. A note of caution, when you visit temples, please respect the local customs, please carry a sarong or you can also get it at the temples.

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