TE3N Review

After a long time, here comes a film that is to be seen with total concentration…No toilet breaks, no chatting with the person next to you and no whatsapping….

This Amitabh Bachchan-Vidya Balan-Nawazuddin Siddiqui-starrer is an official remake of the 2013 Korean film Montage whose makers are fortunately acknowledged in the credits for the story…well done

Bachchan plays John Biswas, an old man whose then eight-year-old granddaughter Angela is kidnapped and killed in 2007. Over the next eight years, Biswas continously pursues Cop turned priest Martin Das (Siddiqui) who handled the case and another Cop Sharma (Vidya Balan) trying to persuade them not to give up on finding the kidnapper who was then never found……

Angela’s death also takes a huge toll on Das too…..He tries to come to terms with the tragedy by leaving the police dept to become a Christian priest. When Biswas arrives at his church with a clue to the whereabouts of the culprits, Fr Martin Das keeps telling him to heal rather than rake up old wounds……

Biswas however is in no mood to give up….

Meanwhile, Fr Das’ curiosity is arosen when another similar kidnapping takes place and his old friend, Sarita Sharma (Balan), asks for help with the investigation because of the similarities between the two cases…..are the two cases linked? Has the kidnapper struck again? Will Biswas finally get justice? Watch to find out…..

The film takes its own time to settle down….this is not a film that has extravagent and heart thumping scenes…..the film follows the same mood as that of the main characters…..deep anguish, dissapointment and helplessness…..thus drawing us into thier world….the pain that Biswas feels for his loss connects brilliantly with the audience

Director Ribhu Dasgupta shows that he is a master of the game by refusing to fasten the pace of the film. He is also backed by a solid written script….

Full marks to the cinematographer for capturing Kolkata’s various moods and shades, and maintaining a pall of gloom over the city throughout the film..

Te3n is boosted by some super acting. Bachchan as is the case these days, casts away the star in him and bites into his character to deliver a top notch performance…..Siddiqui is simply superb as he oscillates between priest to cop to priest to cop just proving how good he is at his job….. And Vidya Balan – who is strangely cited as a “guest appearance” in the opening credits for a full gledged role– is as good as ever, even though her role may be the least significant amongst the trio….

All in all this whodunit is a must watch…This TE3N is definitely better than another running film which has a 3 in its title …Housefull 3

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